Almost everything has become disposable.  Many of our modern conveniences are more easily replaced than repaired.  Surrounded by temporary things, we find comfort and inspiration from cultural legacies.  When art, music, or learning house the feelings and experiences that people of all generations share, they pull us out of loneliness into something bigger than ourselves.

Since 1898 Episcopalians in the San Jacinto Valley have gathered for worship and fellowship.  As the population of the valley grew and shifted south into what is now the City of Hemet, a mission of St. Paul’s was established, with members first meeting in private homes and eventually in the Hemet Opera House on Harvard Street.  This mission was formally established in 1903 and named Church of the Good Shepherd.  In 1911 a sanctuary was built and the first celebration of the Holy Eucharist held on Easter Sunday that same year.  (If you’d like to know more about the history of the Episcopal Church in California and the San Jacinto Valley, be sure to check out C. A. Conn’s Church on Demand series in the blog section!)

For more than 100 years, the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd has been pulling people out of loneliness into something bigger than ourselves.  We gather to celebrate and explore ever more fully the living and loving God revealed in Jesus Christ.  Our Episcopal tradition is marked by celebration of the rich diversity God has created within humanity and encouragement to fully use the minds God has given us to learn about the wonders of creation.  Our worship is enhanced by art and music of the highest quality.  These values have passed the test of time.

We are part of the Anglican Communion, a faith tradition numbering over 80 million members worldwide, with its roots in the Church of England.