December 16, 2018
Advent 3

8:00 am Service
Morning Prayer: John Bacher
Lector: Richard Taylor
Chalice: John Bacher & Richard Taylor
Acolyte(s): Richard Taylor
Intercessor: Ed Moore
Ushers: Mae Kramer & Nancy Reiterman
Greeter(s): Tony & Gloria Madrid

10:30 am Service
Lectors: Bud Greer & Susan Gaites
Chalice: Linda Rush & Jean Fuller
Acolyte(s): Judy Greer & Emmanuel James
Intercessor: Art Conn
Ushers: Karen Reilly & Joan Reed
Greeters: Susan Gaites

Note to Lectors: Are you unsure about the pronunciation of some of the words in your reading? Click here for a pronunciation guide that will help you.You can hear the word and see the phonetic spelling.

If you are scheduled to serve this week at church and cannot meet this commitment, please contact the parish office or your ministry leader to let them know.