Seeing Jesus When Prayer Changes Hearts

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Cindy and I purchased a home in January. The inspector we hired had given us the thumbs up to purchase.  Our real estate agent could not give us our final walk through until the day we took possession. While walking in the den, we almost fell through a hole in the floor.  We had to hire a construction specialist, who discovered it was from a leak in the roof, causing damage through the wall and flooring.  The inspector would not take responsibility so we paid out of pocket for the repair. And during the repair, a circuit blew out half the electricity to the house.

At this stage we asked our priest Kathleen to make an emergency House Blessing!  Other members from Good Shepherd joined us as we walked from room to room to offer our prayers and seek God’s blessing.

The next day, the previous owner, with whom we stayed in contact, came over and worked til he got the electricity repaired. God had worked on his heart because he felt so bad about our out of pocket expenses.

Three weeks after, the reality office called to say they were paying for the fix to the roof, walls, and floor because they had recommended the inspector. When we got the check, I called to tell them they made a mistake on it by paying $100.00 over. They said no mistake, they wanted to pay us for our trouble!

God Blessed our house by moving on people’s hearts to help. A true blessing indeed!

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