Seeing Jesus’ Angels in Strangers

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I have to tell you a terrible story with, I believe, an angelic ending.

I was back East for two weeks to see my Alzheimer’s afflicted mother. I had an old friend house sitting for me. From the looks of the house when I returned, my and her dog had not been let out of the house for at least a week. The floors were covered in dog urine, etc. After two and a half days of cleaning, I wasn’t making any headway (verified by a neighbor who has a good sense of smell). I ended up having to pay a company to clean the house – very expensive but a very good job by two very nice gentlemen.

I went to Walmart to get supplies as soon as I could while still crying off and on all day, and left my purse in the cart and drove away. A very nice couple tried to flag me down but failed. The lady took my purse into the store and notified management, but refused to give them my purse. When I called the store to ask about it, I was told it was there. When I got back to the store, I was told someone in McDonald’s had my purse.

The lady had notified the manager and sat and waited for me to come back.  That was God’s answer to my tears: He sent me an Angel!

~A parishioner with renewed hope and faith

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