Jesus Sighting? What, like on toast?

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Have you seen Jesus? I’m not talking about the popular jokes of seeing Jesus on toast here. Seeing Jesus, feeling his presence in our lives, tugging at our hearts, holding us close, healing, comforting, and blessing us – these are powerful experiences. When we’re at our most broken, our most trusting, our most hurting, our most loving, Jesus is with us, though we may not always be aware of it. But when we are aware and pause in that moment to welcome Jesus in and stay in His love, we are transformed. The more open we are to Jesus’ love and spirit, the stronger our connection with Him can grow.

One way to do this is to share the stories of these moments with others, be they friends or strangers. In this way, we proclaim God’s Good News by telling about these moments of God’s faithfulness and love in our lives, encouraging those who seek to know Jesus better or who may feel they knew about God already. This is the idea behind which we’ve begun our Jesus Sightings blog column, a space where parishioners, visitors, and friends of Good Shepherd can share their stories with the community and anyone who visits Good Shepherd’s website.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact me or Pastor Kathleen.

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