Is Christmas Real?

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What does the Bible establish about Christmas? Your search engine will quickly lead you to endless information about 1) whether early Christians celebrated Jesus’ birth, 2) how December 25th was picked as the date to observe the birth, and 3) whether this date matches what can be gleaned from the Bible about the birth … all of which misses the point. The Gospels shout out three truths about Jesus’ birth: First, the same force for good behind all creation became flesh in this baby. Second, this happened for the sake of all people. Third, this birth brings life and hope. What could be more hopeful than the certain knowledge that the very force behind creation is fully participating in human history, not from afar but from within?  How can this be believed, you ask, when history is full of senseless bloodshed and abuse of innocents? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Whatever our fears, challenges or tragedies, life is better when we trust the God who chose to be born among us. Try it. Christmas happens whenever we do, on December 25th or any other date.

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