Good Shepherd’s logo & website getting a facelift

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Over the course of this year, we’ve seen several changes come to Good Shepherd’s logo and color palette. This is what’s known in the marketing world as branding identity and, as your communications director, is something I’ve been overseeing and slowly rolling into our communication outlets.

At the heart of the new logo is Jesus as shepherd.

This digital rendition was created by graphic designer Anthony DeLuca and is based on a drawing of Jesus as shepherd by parishioner Mary Anne Johnson.

An earlier version of Mary Anne’s drawing was published as the cover of Good Shepherd’s member directory several years ago.  The drawing itself is inspired by the “Good Shepherd” stained glass window in the church, located next to the choir’s pews.

While Anthony worked on translating Mary Anne’s work digitally, I worked with website developer Rohan Littler to choose a new main font that captures the feeling of the tradition of an Episcopal church, while moving forward in the 21st century.  With the font Caudex selected, Rohan designed the text layout of the logo, using the two main colors around which the rest of our color palette is based.  Once both parts were finished, I placed the two together in an arrangement that hearkens back to our previous logo.

The new logo and colors have gradually been incorporated into several of our publications this year including our Lent activities booklet, e-newsletter – The Shepherd’s Call, and the Parish Profile that was produced to support our ongoing Rector Search.

The next major part of this re-branding project is our website.  Over the course of the next few weeks, the website will be taken down periodically for maintenance as I make sure all of its parts are revised and transferred over to a new layout that complements our logo and color palette.  The new layout will also future proof the website, making it easier to maintain and update moving forward.  I hope you’re enjoying Good Shepherd’s new logo.  If you have any wishlist items for the website, please let me know.  This is a great time to incorporate new features!


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