Following Jesus’ Tug

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One day, I was on my way to my daughter Michele’s house and I stopped at the Arco station to get a drink with my last $5.  When I got out of  the car, I saw a man sitting against the building and he looked very dejected.  I went over to him and I asked him if he needed some help.  He said no but I knew he was having a problem so I asked again if there was anything I could do to help him.  He said he didn’t have any place to stay that night.  I asked him if he had tried the homeless shelter across the street.  He said they were full and closed and I said, “There is a line over there and people gathering around.  Why don’t you go and check.  Do you have any money?”  He said, “no.”  I gave him my $5 because I thought he would feel better with a little money in his pocket.

I helped him to stand up and he started walking toward Valley Restart.  As he started walking, his body started straightening up and he started walking with purpose and got in line with the other people.  I also needed gas but I didn’t have any money so I decided to see if I could drive over to Michele’s house on the fumes I had left.  When I got there, on the table by the front door there was a card there for me from my sister and in it was a 100 dollar bill and the card said “for gas money.”

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