Feeling Jesus’ Comfort

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I’m not sure if my story is a “miracle” but it was a time when I felt God send me a special message through my mother.  I was only sixteeen years old when my mother passed away.  She was only fourty-four years old.  My mom had a very difficult life.  When I was only fifteen months old, she fell asleep smoking a cigarette and her nightgown caught fire.  She suffered third degree burns over 75% of her body and spent one year in the hospital and another year in bed at home recuperating.  The doctor suggested she drink red wine to help build up her blood and, unfortunately, she became an alcoholic.  She died from a ruptured esophagus which caused internal hemorrhaging.

My dad lived in Florida when my mother died and was unable to take me to live with him.  I have an older sister but she was a newlywed and really didn’t have room for me.  My younger sister had been adopted by my aunt and uncle when she was only four years old and they really didn’t want to take me on as well so I was the only one at home with my mom.

About two days after we buried my mom, I became inconsolable.  I couldn’t stop crying and I asked my boyfriend to drive me to the cemetery so I could visit her grave.  As I knelt there crying and praying, I suddenly felt my mother touch my shoulder and say, “Don’t cry for me anymore.  I am at peace and no longer suffering.”  There was such a calm and comforting feeling that came over me and I stopped crying.  I knew my mom was safe in heaven with Jesus and I haven’t cried since at her loss.  I know one day I will see her again.

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