A Prayer For and Prayed By the Profile Team

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If you are praying this prayer not as a member of the Profile team but interceding for them, use the second set of bracketed words.

God our Father, You have a plan for each one of us; You hold out to us a future full of hope. Give [us] [the Profile team] the wisdom of Your Spirit So that [we] [they] can see the shape of Your plan in the makeup of this parish In the gifts You have given us, and in the circumstances of our daily lives. Help [us] [them] articulate those lives and gifts and vision accurately and with creativity to be inviting to those rector candidates who read it. Give us the freedom of Your Spirit, to seek You with all our hearts, and to choose Your will above all else. We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Taken from a prayer for discernment published by the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus, and augmented to include the specific work of the Parish Profile team or profile objectives of the Search Discernment process in a congregation looking for a new Rector, Vicar, Pastor or other ordained leader. Drafted as such for the use of the Profile team of Good Shepherd Parish, Hemet, CA, by the Rev. Robert G. Eaton, Interim Rector. The original Carmelite DHJ prayer was first found on the Transition webpage of St. Catherine’s Episcopal Parish, Marietta, GA. (January, 2017)

  1. Date: April 30, 2017
    Author: Jean Jurkiewicz-White

    Praying for the profile team and the vestry.


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