2017 Vestry Candidate Statements

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Whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant.  ~ Matthew 20:26

The Vestry is the Board of Directors for our congregation.  Beacause we are guided by Jesus’ admonition stated in the quote above, Vestry membership is a very high calling.  It is impossible to serve the extended community of Good Shepherd without being a regular part of its worship and activities.

In recent years, the Vestry has made specific commitments to root its work in God’s guidance:

  1. Regular daily prayer
  2. Regular participation in corporate worship
  3. Regular participation in other opportunities for growth and learning, including diocesan trainings
  4. Regular prayer and quarterly contact with a portion of the parish membership
  5. Making an annual pledge which either tithes or shows progress toward the tithe
  6. Use of prayerful discernment for all decisions, seeking knowledge of the Spirit’s vision as confirmed by the affirmation of all vestry members
  7. Speaking the truth in love directly to the person affected by any perception
  8. Regular and prompt attendance at Vestry meetings, which will begin timely, as soon as the required number of members are present
  9. Grounding all meeting times with Scriptural inspiration
  10. Supporting parish events with participation and encouragement of others

The following candidates have been nominated for election to serve on Good Shepherd’s Vestry in 2017.  There are 3 three-year vacancies this year, and election will take place at our Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Empy Alagona

Empy Alagona

My name is Empy Alagona and I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  After attending the University of Puerto Rico, I came to live in New York where I lived for 31 years.  There I married Ruben and had two children.  After spending so many harsh winters in New York, we decided to move to sunny California in 1994.

Growing up, I attended the Catholic church and taught catechism, preparing young kids for their First Communion. After many years, though, I became disappointed with some of their policies.  In 2011, I started attending the Church of the Good Shepherd and here I found a congregation that seemed different.

For most of my professional life, I have worked as a full-charge bookkeeper, therefore I think that I can help our church with my financial experience in this time of transition so that we can be good stewards of our financial blessings.

Since attending Good Shepherd, I studied the Bible with my kin group, and I currently serve on the Altar Guild and am an usher.  If chosen to serve on the vestry, I hope that all of my experience will be an asset in helping the church.

Dale Brusewitz

Dale Brusewitz

I feel I can make a positive contribution to the stewardship of not only our spiritual community but also our campus facilities.  I have many long-standing relationships with dependable and reliable contractors and tradespeople, which can enhance this stewardship.

This is an exciting time to be a Vestry member in the Church of the Good Shepherd. I am ready and willing to offer the gifts God has given me in that service.

Susan Gaites

Susan Gaites

In 2005 I came to California to teach kindergarten at Estudillo Elementary School in San Jacinto, CA. so my late husband Ed and I could be close to our son and his family in Costa Mesa.  I immediately found The Church of the Good Shepherd and became a member.  Since that time, I have continued to teach Sunday School, implemented the After-School Program, and volunteered for four of the years of its existence. A member of the Daughters of the King, I have raised money for the church through our Golf Tournament, now in its 6th year, and which last year raised $5,000.  I have contributed to and continually support various fundraising activities and outreach programs through donations and time.

I retired from teaching in 2010.  My life seems busier now; however, the time and effort it takes to be a good teacher was enormous.  The experience of dealing with children, parents, and heading up committees makes me an ideal candidate for membership on the Vestry.  My temperament is just one huge quality that I possess, dedication to see that a job is done well and finished, ideas to do and make things happen, and my love of God and the love of my church are what I bring to the table. Thanks be to God.

Mae Kramer

Mae Kramer

My husband Dave and I moved to Hemet (Seven Hills) from La Mesa, California on May 1, 2000.  We wanted to live on a golf course and Hemet was the best place we found for the money.  My working career was as a legal secretary.   I “retired” in 1995.  I have one adult son who lives with his wife in Phelan, CA and two adult granddaughters.  Dave has one daughter living in Arizona.

I joined the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in 2002.  I served on the Good Shepherd Vestry in 2004.  I was admitted to the Daughters of the King in 2004, and over the years served as President, Secretary and Treasurer.   I “went up the  mountain” with Cursillo #128 in October 2010.   I have attended diocesan conventions as a delegate on five occasions and attended many diocesan events.

Other ministries I have been involved with at Good Shepherd are: Altar Guild, Acolytes, ECW, Usher, St. Mary’s Gift Shop, Shepherd’s Voice, Mouse Ministry, Prayer Shawl, Bazaar, and I am certain there are a few others I can’t recall.

At this time I would like to serve on the Vestry.  I am excited about the possibilities of change in the Episcopal Church and look forward to helping Good Shepherd grow.

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